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Book of the Month: LEED Visual

Study for the LEED GA exam from this great book.
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If you are studying or thinking to study for the LEED GA Exam, you need to get this book in your hands. The amount of information to memorize is not few. This book turns all that information into useful and easy to remember and understand diagrams. LEED Visual is a new publication that aims to help everyone who wants to study for the LEED GA exam. The book is available via Amazon (click on the picture below)or directly on the LEED VISUAL website.

Some of the customer reviews say "it's the best book available currently for LEED GA. By converting the pages and pages of written information from the official USGBC study guide into easy to remember visual diagrams, this concise book is a fantastic guide for the exam. Visually Appealing, Easy to carry, Compact and Graphically rich, this is a MUST BUY for anyone planning to give the Leed GA Exam".

Find more information and a preview of the book at

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