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SketchUp Plugins: Create a 360 Degree Panorama

Do you need/want to create a 360 Degree View of your model? There is a plugin for that.
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The Plugin Cubicpanoout.rb allows us to export 6 images to generate a 360 degrees panorama. The plugin exports the 6 images of the imaginary cube around the point were the camera is.
Be sure to have the "use sun for shading" check box activated or the "display shadows" option. Otherwise, SketchUp changes the color of the faces of objects slightly depending on the camera position, making it impossible to match the pictures afterward.
Place the camera on the center of your scene using the Position Camera Tool of SketchUp (the icon with a man standing on an "X"). After this, the process you need to follow is simple:
  1. Go to Camera --> CubicPano Out
  2. Save the Images
  3. Use a panomaker to create the 360 quicktime movie (see next)
To put the pictures together you will need some panorama making program. Not all of them will work, since the images generated with this plugin don't have any overlapping areas. GoCubic will do the trick if you are using a PC, and it is free. You can download it here. If you are a MAC user you need MakePanoVR. (I couldn't find were to download it).
See the result:

The process is quite simple. Thanks to Jake Ludington on How to embed a Quick Time movie.

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