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Indigo Renderer 2.4 is out!

New release of Indigo Render is out.
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Glare Technologies has announced the release of Indigo Renderer 2.4.

A page outlining the new features and improvements can be viewed here

Some High resolution images are available here and here.

Haven't tried Indigo Renderer myself, but the image results seem promising. See the video above.For those who did try it, I'd like to ask you: Is it easy to use? Is it easy to achieve photorealistic results? How is the render speed? Could you compare its performance with other render engines like V-RAY or Maxwell Render?

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Google Acquires Quicksee

Soon Streetview could include walkthroughs inside buildings thanks to this new Acquisition by Google.
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Quicksee has been acquired by Google as it can be seen on their website (Click on image).

This might mean that soon we will find "street view" features reaching the inside of the buildings and not just the streets. You can see a sample of the Quicksee idea on their website.

via Techcrunch.

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Helping Haiti

Give a bit to help Haiti
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After the Earthquake in Haiti the situation in the country is much worse than already was before. The reports I've been reading by some journalists, are really heartbreaking.
If you feel like you want to help, but you don't want to do it through religious organizations, the link on the image below will allow you to donate through Paypal to Red Cross International and Doctors without Borders. It takes 1 minute and less than 5 clicks. It's your call.

Click on the image or here to go to the donation page.

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Maxwell Render: New 2.0 Version Coming Soon

Check out the new features of the upcoming version 2.0 of Maxwell Render.
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Next Limit is announcing on their website the new features of the soon to be released Maxwell render Version 2. The website has plenty of examples of the improved features comparing them to the latest released version v1.7.
So far, for what I've seen on the website, the speed improvement (one of the weak points of Maxwell has always been speed) is amazing, and the behavior of light sources has also been tremendously improved.
I can't wait for the release of this new version and find out about all the new features.

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First SIGGRAPH conference in Asia

The first ACM SIGGRAPH Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics
and Interactive Techniques in Asia opens in Singapore on 10 December 2008
From Decmeber 10th to December 13th the Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre is going to host the first Asian edition of the ACM SIGGRAPH Conference. The US version of this conference that aims to Computer Graphics professionals took place last Ausgust in Los Angeles. Next Summer New Orleans will host SIGGRAPH 2009 from 3rd to 7th of August.
For more information visit SIGGRAPH.

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