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AutoCAD without Windows?

Is there a way to use AutoCAD if you don't want to use Windows?Have you ever thought of moving away from Microsoft completely? Yeah right! You are an Architect depending on the all-mighty AutoCad... well most of us are, and there isn´t apparently a version of AutoCAD for GNU/Linux, or MAC.
Macs with Intel based processors can run the Bootcamp software which enables Windows to run in your computer, or Parallels Desktop which allows you to switch from MAC OS to Windows without rebooting your computer. Does that solves the problem for MAC users? Not really, if the only thing you want is to run AutoCAD then you are fine, but you still depend on running a copy of Windows XP or vista to be able to use AutoCAD.
Autodesk doesn't seem to be willing to go back to a multiplatform release for AutoCAD so there is not much you can do apparently. Nevertheless, a small firm in South Africa has proven itself successful in migrating away from Microsoft software (after some threads from Microsoft itself) and is running AutoCAD r14 under Debian GNU/Linux.
Good for them, I personally find it very hard to go back to older versions of AutoCAD, because to be honest, each new version is lately adding some extra useful tools that make themselves pretty indispensable once you get used to them.
So as I see it right now the only option is to go to one of the clones of AutoCAD that can run under Linux. About them not enough information and reviews have been released. Here is a list of some of the CAD clones released or in planning stage. And here another one of Free CAD software.
I personally donñt think it is time yet to move away from Windows if you are a professional CAD user. AutoCAD and AutoCAD architecture seem to be still light years away from the clones, and without any proven success on running AutoCAD 2007 or older on a Linux system, I'd rather stay away from that.

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