Latest version of the join Push Pull Plugin has enhanced features

Download the plugin and check the new features.
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One of the posts on this blog that gets more visits is the one about the Joint Push Pull plugin. It is a quite old post so the version of the plugin it refers too is also quite old. This is just an update to let you know that the latest version of the plugin was published on September 2022 and is v.4.6a. It can be downloaded as many other plugins from Sketchucation. As you might know Join Push Pull is A group of extrusion tools to create sahpes from sketchup faces. The features of JointPushPull Interactive Edition (v4.6a) are as follows:
  • Pre-selection mode support, along with toolbar, main menu, and contextual menu launches
  • The ability to select Faces while navigating between components and groups is available in the interactive selection mode. Then, faces can be visually moved to the desired offset.
  • A thickening push-pull movement (i.e. original face erased)
  • Border faces choices: (Grid, contour, none)
  • complete undo support using Ctrl-Z
  • Various tools' with random offsets and Tapering for Extrude push-pull and Normal push-pull
  • Rapid Launcher

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